Lime Crime CEO Opens Up About Breaking Common Fashion Rules

Doe Deere, founder and CEO of Lime Crime, launched her cruelty-free cosmetics company in 2008. However, the Lime Crime brand had originally begun as a clothing store on eBay. Doe dear sewed and modeled the unique and colorful clothing line herself, often accompanying her creations with fun, non-traditional makeup styles. But, bright and highly pigmented colors were hard to get a hold of back in the early 2000’s, ultimately inspiring Doe Deere to take it upon herself to create the colors she craved.

The Lime Crime line features many products including Velvetines matte liquid lipsticks, Venus I and II eyeshadow pallets, and more recently, a shimmering bullet lipstick named Perlees for its beautiful pearly finish. When asked how a typical workday plays out in Doe Deere’s world, she explains that it starts by having a meeting with her Creative Director. They discuss current projects and business strategies. Doe Deere spends most of her days directing visuals and developing new products with the help of a chemist in her lab.

The self-proclaimed unicorn queen was recently featured on where she confessed all the fashion and beauty rules that she loves to break. As a creative individual, Doe Deere enjoys experimenting with different colors and patterns. While the rules that headline beauty and fashion magazines and websites can be useful guidelines for beginners, there are certain occasions when they can be broken.

Do Not Wear A Bold Eye With A Bold Lip

Doe Deere is constantly breaking this common beauty practice. It is often acknowledged that a smoky eye look should be pared with a subtle lip shade and vice versa. But when it comes to Deere’s unique style, boldness is fully embraced. Deere says, “To me, nothing looks better than Blue Milk eyeliner with a Red Velvet lip! I also love pairing the rusty-reds of the Venus eyeshadow palette with Cry Baby, a vibrant blue lipstick.”

You Must Dress Your Age

Deere exclaims, “True style knows no age! Just because you turned 30 doesn’t mean you need to ditch your fun stuff and replace it with a more conservative wardrobe.” Wise words from a true fashionista. When it comes to clothing, everyone should be able to wear what makes them happy without judgment or fear of being ridiculed. As Doe Deere herself puts it, “Do you, at any age!”

Do Not Mix Many Colors

If you follow Deere on Instagram (which you definitely should), then you already saw this one coming. From head to toe, she unapologetically coordinates loud colors that make a bold statement. “My favorite combos are pink and green, peach and periwinkle, hot pink and lavender,” Deere explains. Pushing the boundary even further, Doe Deere also loves pairing patterns such as plaid and floral, creating fun and unique pairings.

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