UKV PLC’S Wine Investment Benefits

Any wine cognoscente is well aware of the benefits of concentrating in the investment of wine especially one that is obtained from a quality source like UKV PLC which is located in the UK. Experimenting a variety of wines is a sure opportunity in investing in quality grade wine. No gain tax capital is required to be paid whenever a sale is made on any bottle of treasured wine unlike the case in stock investment.

A consultant from UKV PLC gives knowledge of the available wine market conditions. The consultant also gives a clue on the final investment value. Storing wine for at least five years ensures the realisation of significant profit from the business. The collection of wine at a young age ensures that profit is realized early. A complimentary value can be requested from UKV PLC for collected wine at any given time which is a key benefit of partnering with UKV PLC.

Any high-quality wine bought from the online shop fetches a 12 to 15 percent profit on anyone who does the shopping. If you are to concentrate in wine investment, it is key to avoid the purchase of unpopular brands and cheap labels. Wine investment is quite stable as it does not imitate the volatility of the stock market.

UKV PLC ensures that the collection of wine done is kept under the owner’s name in their account that is bonded. UKV PLC gives their members the advantage of having their wine stored in warehouse which offers favourable wine storage conditions and a personal collection of the wine. The wine collection has its security ensured which boosts owner’s confidence in UKV PLC.

Brexit Company in the Great Britain ensured that investment in the wine industry increased by nearly 20 percent. The company was daring enough in ensuring that complete independence demanded by the people was achieved.

The wine was key from the olden days, and its demand is never going to diminish. The wine has never been deemed to be out of style or as an outdated culture as more brands continue to flood the market. The world has come to appreciate quality wine.

Robert Santiago’s All Round Successes In Brazil

Robert Santiago is a glorified business entrepreneur in Brazil with properties ranging in type from real estate to community projects. His most famous assets include an array of shopping malls, the most famous being the modern Manaira Shopping Center. His business savviness grew from his childhood experiences of volunteering and later working for the family enterprise. Robert was born to Carmen Gomes and Jose Santiago. With the skill sets acquired from his innate business passions, Robert started a cartonnage firm that supplied firms and individuals with high-quality cartons upon request.


Roberto Santiago is an alumnus of Center for Joao Pessoa University where he earned a bachelor in business. He also has an undergraduate degree from Pio X-Marist College, which he attended before joining Joao Pessoa. Robert realized his passion in construction before middle age and soon purchased a large portion of land in Joao Pessoa, his native town, which he used to erect world class structures.


One of the buildings at the land in Joao Pessoa is the Manaira building which opened in 1989 after two years of development. The mall has 280 stores and covers 75,000 square meters. Manaira is the region’s go-to place for a wide range of interests such as shopping, entertainment, and education. The center’s entertainment facilities are mostly frequented by the students of Higher Education of Paraiba, whose classes take place within the building. Manaira has urban theaters, gaming rooms, an electronic bowling room, banks, gyms, restaurants, and shops. The mall’s restaurants cater to the needs of everyone at every time due to their variation in class from high-end eateries to fast foods. Manaira’s most iconic feature if the rooftop space which houses local performing artists. Robert Santiago’s main agenda for setting up the space was to give back to society by giving locals a platform to showcase their talents and visitors to appreciate the culture.


Apart from business, Robert is an administrative leader in the Brazilian federal body. He is an official in Sao Paulo and previously worked for the welfare of workers in the Brazil general committee. His work in the position earned him recognition from the people and the government, who noted his commitment in putting forth the needs of Brazilians. Robert was at the forefront of creating and changing laws and policies that determine the minimum wage of the nation and the general state of employment. He played a key role in the growth of Minha Casa which would see the opening of cities with manageable populations of approximately 200,000 in a count. Robert’s public work is greatly honored and has earned him several accolades such as one from the country’s superior labor court. He is a recipient of the Member of the year award from Congress in Focus Website, the Commemorative Prize from Consolidation of Labor Laws and an award from Cebrasse Sector. For seven continuous years, Robert Santiago received honors from Diap, naming him a vital political figure in the nation. Currently, he serves on the council board of Chamber of Duties and Labor Administration.


Achieve a Beautifully Even Skin Tone

Makari is a luxurious brand of skin health and skin beauty products made specifically for dark toned men and women. Manufactured in Switzerland, using natural ingredients that have undergone rigorous testing and application, Makari is a leader in natural beauty products. Their face and body creams target and reduce dark spots, stretch marks, and acne scars so that you can achieve a youthful even skin tone, even after years with such conditions.

Makari makes sure that none of its 70+ skin and beauty products contain the controversial Hydroquinone which has been linked to harmful side effects and used in many other brands. They take pride that their product lines for skin, make-up, and even baby, include natural ingredients that make you glow.The Caviar Face Cream line improves moisture and balances skin tone, it can be used as a corrective measure against spots and discoloration, and it leaves you with bright healthy skin. It is just one of several products that utilizes nutrient-packed Caviar to help restore the balance of your skin.

Makari has a number of products that are specifically dermatologist tested to brighten and lighten the skin, including an exclusive skin lightening exfoliating soap that is enriched with Organiclarine. This is a non-medicated substance added to lotions and creams that gently lightens the skin without the use of expensive beauty treatments like laser and chemical peels. It can effectively help your discoloration over time with consistent use, and is just one of many of their product lines meant to be part of a daily routine.

If you are a person of dark tones, and have tried other brands with little success, Makari may be just right for you. The beauty industry has had a history of tailoring to the fair, and often is not effective with darker tones. All of Makari’s products are tailored for people of color, which makes them a unique brand, and a specialist in their field. Makari doesn’t stop at just Skin care, they also have hair, cosmetic, and fragrance products of the same high quality, as well as packages and kits for mother’s, babies, and brides. Check them out and see what they have to offer.

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Get Your House Cleaned By A Trusted Professional

We all want to be able to have a home that is neat and clean, but at times our schedule may not allow us to clean the home like we would like. The majority of Americans have busy lives; we have to work everyday, take care of the family, and find time to take care of our personal needs as well. There was a time when at least one member of the family was able to stay at home, but now that is not always the case. There are also families that may have one parent that is able to stay home, but they still have a busy life that may not allow for them to get the house cleaned. Even though a person’s day may be packed with necessary things, every family wants to be able to have a nice home.

Handy is a company that allows a person to get their home in order. All that a person has to do is select the date and time that they would like a professional to come and clean their house. Everything can be confirmed online including the appointment and the payment. With in the time that is stipulated, an experienced professional that is fully equipped will show up at their doorstep. Handy was built with the idea to help busy individuals to be able to get the services that they wanted without all of the fuss. It can be a hassle to have to interview a person to make sure that they are going to be reliable and trustworthy to work at home, so Handy does all of the hard work for a family or individual.

Handy instantly matches thousands of different customers with trusted professionals in cities all around the world. The booking process to get in contact with a professional only takes 60 seconds and they also offer a moneyback guarantee.

Handy was founded in 2012 in Ireland and soon the idea was spread around the world. Handy was developed to be able to fill the gap between getting an effective professional for household services. Handy was able to develop the most convenient way for people to book those household services, and now Handy is the leading platform to connect individuals looking for home cleaning services.

Getting to Know Eric Pulier

Everybody knows the story of Forrest Gump, a young easy going person who ended up involved in some of the biggest events of the 60’s and 70’s. Later in his life he started a business and made all the right investments and became a multi-millionaire. Eric Pulier has a story not uncommon to Forest Gump. Eric has founded or co-founded several different companies, vested in venture capital and other projects, and has rebuilt wealth over and over.

Not only has he helped build many different companies, he has also donated to charitable foundations and is also part of organizations that help children who have debilitating illnesses.

Eric Pulier is also a good father to his four children. He set an educational example to them when he graduated from Harvard in 1988 with a bachelor’s degree.

Not unlike Forrest Gump, Eric Pulier has also been involved in several different aspects of politics. Though he has not held public office, he has aided various political figures including Bill Clinton and Al Gore.

Pulier has made millions upon millions of dollars. Because of his wealth Mr. Pulier has given so much back and become a great philanthropist. He has donated to many charitable organizations and helped create many others. Many of the organization’s focus on children with life-threatening illnesses.

Eric Pulier has been involved in many aspects of business, politics, and helping the less fortunate. He is constantly striving to make the world a better place as was showcased in the inauguration festivities for Bill Clinton’s reelection. Eric Pulier ran the entire organization that helped set up the inauguration festivities. The key focal point of the festivities was to showcase how the world would look in the future. Eric Pulier is an innovator and quite possibly a prognosticator that has helped mold the future and the world we live in.

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Keith Mann Unveil a Program to Recognize the Next Generation of Innovative Business Leaders

The founder of Dynamics Search Partners, Keith Mann unveiled an award designated the Keith and Keely Mann for Professional Achievement, to acknowledge the upcoming generation of contemporary business leaders earlier this year. Keith dedicated this program to a non-governmental organization; Uncommon Schools, headquartered in New York. The scholarship opportunity was meant to offer sponsorship to one graduating students from Uncommon Charter School in Brooklyn each year.

According to a counselor of Uncommon Charter School, the school was very much obliged to both Kelly and Keith for implementing such a kind program that would provide scholarship to their school. The school intended to use the scholarship as a way of guaranteeing their students a four-year college.

The program application required every student to compose a 1000 words essay, explaining how earning a slot in a college would assist them achieve their professional and life goals. Being an advocate for education and human rights, Keith is committed to modeling new leaders of tomorrow and believed that if he paired them with innovative companies existing today, he would definitely cultivate their success. Keith explained that the sponsorship was to function in fulfilling the objective of preparing unprivileged-income earning students to only attend and graduate from a college, but also proceed to successfully make use of their degree.

This program was to target students of Uncommon Charter School in New York. The application procedures destined run up to the second quarter of this year and the winner would receive $5,000 worth of scholarship to be used to pay their college tuition.

About Keith Mann

Keith Mann is a British animal rights philanthropist and writer. He has spent his much time of his career in the search industry, despite being a pro in the sector of hedge fund compensation. He established Dynamics Executive Search in 2002 after realizing that the hedge fund industry was underserved by the search sector. Dynamic Executive Search became an alternative search firm to investment firms. Currently, Keith is the CEO of the company and oversees all the management activities of the firm.

Highland Capital Management Lowers Ownership Stake in Stocks

Recently the finance company Highland Capital Management began lowering the ownership stake in its stock holdings of AthenaHealth. According to the SEC, the firm has lowered its shares in the company by 83% which is a huge decrease. This has been done because AthenaHealth has experienced a significant reduction in its stock value. In fact the value of its stock has decreased by 12% and this has led to a lot of losses for Highland Capital Management. Therefore, the firm has decided to minimize its ownership shares in order to keep its losses to a minimum. Highland Capital once owned 95,000 shares but it now only owns 16,000 after selling off most of the shares it owned.

While the stock market has prospered and companies have seen a sharp increase in stock values, AthenaHealth has had their stock value go in steep decline recently. As a result of this stock value decline, Highland Capital Management has decided to invest in other companies and has bought stocks of other companies recently. Highland Capital still owns stock of AthenaHealth but plans to keep this to a minimum until the company sees an improvement in its overall value. This move was also made in order for Highland Capital to maximize its profits and the performance of its investment portfolio.

Like every other firm, Highland Capital Management is operated by its President James Dondero. He is also the founder of the firm as he started it up back in 1993. For over two decades, Dondero has built this firm into a leading hedge fund and credit management firm. James has over three decades of experience in the finance industry and uses this to his advantage. With his knowledge and expertise he is able to help clients reach their goals as well as keep the firm successful and going in the right direction on a regular basis.

James Dondero is well versed in finance as he holds degrees in both accounting and finance. After he was done attending college he began his career as a credit investor where he managed $1 billion in assets for American Express. As a result he was able to establish his career early on and use this experience to advance his career. He would go on to hold other higher positions before starting up his own firm. As well as running a financial securities firm, James participates in philanthropy in which he makes contributions to causes such as public policy, veterans affairs and also education.

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White Shark Media: A Caring Digital Marketing Agency

Founded in 2011 by Danish entrepreneurs, White Shark Media Complaints was established with the core purpose to enable SMB to efficiently and effectually achieve their innovative search engine marketing strategies. The two top most objectives of realizing the above core purpose were achieved through delivery of a topnotch product and providing clients with the type of customer service that would transform the industry. At White Shark Media, their cost-effective, flat fee marketing solutions usually come with full transparency with no contracts and administrative access to client’s own Google Adwords Account. Among a variety of online digital marketing services offered include Local Adwords Management, Bing Ads Management, Logo Design, Ecommerce Adwords Management and Local Listings Management. One of the keys to the success of White Shark Media Review is their offshore and domestic presence which has enabled them to provide services to clients all over the world thanks to the team at White Shark Review.

Due to their rapid growth, White Shark Media captured the attention of the giant search engine Google whereby in the year 2012, the team was invited to Mountain View California at the Google headquarters. They were assigned a support team to help them continue to grow their own business and serve their clients better. One of the strategies employed to address customer care issues included monthly status calls with GoToMeeting. The other customer care tool implemented was putting in place phone systems with direct extensions which allowed clients to call their contact person directly. This is an online conference tool that allows the team at White Shark Review to share a screen with the client who sees the team go through the report and the Adwords account as he/she watches. Two years later as a result, White Shark Media Complaints was awarded the Google Adwords Premier SMB partnership in mid 2014. The sole purpose of the partnership was for White Shark Media as a partner to offer expertise, experience and end-to-end customer service so that business owners could mainly focus on running their businesses. As a result of this partnership, the results were immensely positive. For example, in one of the testimonials, Jim Frank of Valley City Metals, INC thus testified that they had never experienced the growth in leads and conversions into sale much more than they did from the time they engaged the services of White Shark Media. Furthermore, the company was also recognized by Microsoft for their proven track record and was invited to be a part of the Bing Ads Authorized Reseller Program. Read more at

Needless to say, White Shark Media has built a reputation for knowing how to engineer cost effective campaigns while also providing their clients with a world class experience. Another reason for their success is the ability to track their clients’ campaigns in such great detail on social media platforms. It is through such services that they ensure accountability to all their clients every single month.


Brian Bonar Gets Included into the Cambridge Who’s Who Executive Registry

It is a tradition for most individuals involved in making a societal impact in different aspects of life to be recognized for their contributions. Subsequently, Brian Bonar, who is the Chief Executive and Chairperson of Dalrada Financial Corp, was acknowledged as Cambridge 2010/2011 Who’s Who Executive of the year in the Finance segment.

The addition of his name into the Cambridge Who’s Who Executive Registry came as a great achievement since only four individuals including two men and two females are named annually. A Cambridge Who’s Who selection group undertakes the process of evaluating eligible candidates for inclusion into the registry. The suitable candidates represent different disciplines such as finance among others.

The committee or group selects the honorees or eligible members by looking at various facets such as leadership qualities, professional achievements as well as educational qualifications.

Bonar’s Role in Dalrada Financial Corporation

Equliar in an article, posited that Brian Bonar boasts of an outstanding level of experience, which spans nearly thirty years in the financial industry working as a professional manager. This has been the reason for success in his position as Dalrada’s CEO and Chairman of the board.

As the CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation, Bonar manages a broad range of employer and employee benefits as well as aftermarket commodities or products.

The company sells programs that boost business efficiency including financial management, risk management insurance, as well as business and promotional management. In additional roles, he is the President of Allegiant Professional Business Service Inc. and the Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer of Smart-Tek Automated Services, Inc. Read more: Brian Bonar: Executive Profile & Biography

A Detailed Look at Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is a key personality in the finance sector. However, his educational background was more technical than financial. He is an alumnus of the James Watt Technical College where he graduated with a degree in technical engineering.

He then moved to Staffordshire University for his masters in Mechanical Engineering. Bonar boasts of an outstanding level of experience in the business field, which he gained through working for different entities and in varying capacities. Learn more here:

He has served as a procurement manager for IBM. Later, he moved on to serve as QMS’s Director of Engineering where he was in charge of about a hundred individuals.

His management experience is also derived from his role at Adaptec, where he served in the capacity of the Sales Manager. Upon gaining adequate experience, Bonar established his enterprise named the Bezier Systems. The company was responsible for creating printers with its major achievement being the development of one of its kind SCSI printer.

He then moved to other businesses before working for Dalrada Financial Services. Further, he is the present president of Trucept Inc. Trucept provides an array of solutions to companies such as managing the payroll system in a given company. It also helps in overseeing employee benefits and providing staffing solutions for its institutional customers.

Source: Brian Bonar Receives Professional Networking Community’s Highest Honor

Doe Deere Is On Instagram


It is interesting the way that women obsess about their makeup. They also obsess about the colors that they wear. Women look for bold and imaginative colors like those in the Lime Crime products. Certainly, that is exactly why their Instagram account is blowing up. We are talking about two million active followers on Instagram. This new record was recently established by Lime Crime Cosmetics. Lime Crime was founded by Doe Deere. Lime Crime cosmetics is more than a makeup company. They are a company that focuses on empowering women to use their creativity with their wonderful line of makeup.

Pioneer Establishes New Recrod
The fact is that Doe Deere was one of the first women to establish such a successful makeup line primarily through eCommerce purchases. Her bold and vibrant colors quickly caught on with followers across the globe. Deere’s purpose is a bit different. She hopes to establish an engaging community via Instagram that inspires people to use their creativity. Clearly, the followers have taken the message to heart. They are actively posting their pictures wearing Lime Crime’s fabulous makeup line. The pictures are sure to inspire others to post their images and engage in active dialog about the product line and makeup in general. Lime Crime plans to regularly update their post on Instagram. Certainly, this is great news for their followers.

Doe Deere
Doe Deere is the pastel haired CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics company. The company was established by Deere back in 2008. The Russian born CEO felt that there was a strong need for a line of cosmetics that were inspiring and allowed women to show their creativity. Her philosophy was that makeup should express your moods, never hide your real personality. Doe Deere started out small with big dreams. Certainly, she has far exceeded her dreams and established a very successful company. She states that women should never give up their dreams. Keep pursuing your dreams and goals. One day that dream will come true.

Doe Deere relates that her first business venture was with her own line of clothing. Later on, she established the cosmetic company, born out of her need for a more vibrant line of makeup that expressed her personality. Deere also relates that she might spend weeks or even months on researching new product lines. In addition, Deere likes to test the products personally. She only approves products that truly fit her makeup line. Thus, making sure that the customer will find the product a good match. Her successful line of products redefines makeup rules. Makeup is a way to express creativity. Makeup should never be used just to hide flaws or cover up. Lime Crime cosmetics motivates and inspires women.