Brian Bonar Gets Included into the Cambridge Who’s Who Executive Registry

It is a tradition for most individuals involved in making a societal impact in different aspects of life to be recognized for their contributions. Subsequently, Brian Bonar, who is the Chief Executive and Chairperson of Dalrada Financial Corp, was acknowledged as Cambridge 2010/2011 Who’s Who Executive of the year in the Finance segment.

The addition of his name into the Cambridge Who’s Who Executive Registry came as a great achievement since only four individuals including two men and two females are named annually. A Cambridge Who’s Who selection group undertakes the process of evaluating eligible candidates for inclusion into the registry. The suitable candidates represent different disciplines such as finance among others.

The committee or group selects the honorees or eligible members by looking at various facets such as leadership qualities, professional achievements as well as educational qualifications.

Bonar’s Role in Dalrada Financial Corporation

Equliar in an article, posited that Brian Bonar boasts of an outstanding level of experience, which spans nearly thirty years in the financial industry working as a professional manager. This has been the reason for success in his position as Dalrada’s CEO and Chairman of the board.

As the CEO of Dalrada Financial Corporation, Bonar manages a broad range of employer and employee benefits as well as aftermarket commodities or products.

The company sells programs that boost business efficiency including financial management, risk management insurance, as well as business and promotional management. In additional roles, he is the President of Allegiant Professional Business Service Inc. and the Chairperson and Chief Executive Officer of Smart-Tek Automated Services, Inc. Read more: Brian Bonar: Executive Profile & Biography

A Detailed Look at Brian Bonar

Brian Bonar is a key personality in the finance sector. However, his educational background was more technical than financial. He is an alumnus of the James Watt Technical College where he graduated with a degree in technical engineering.

He then moved to Staffordshire University for his masters in Mechanical Engineering. Bonar boasts of an outstanding level of experience in the business field, which he gained through working for different entities and in varying capacities. Learn more here:

He has served as a procurement manager for IBM. Later, he moved on to serve as QMS’s Director of Engineering where he was in charge of about a hundred individuals.

His management experience is also derived from his role at Adaptec, where he served in the capacity of the Sales Manager. Upon gaining adequate experience, Bonar established his enterprise named the Bezier Systems. The company was responsible for creating printers with its major achievement being the development of one of its kind SCSI printer.

He then moved to other businesses before working for Dalrada Financial Services. Further, he is the present president of Trucept Inc. Trucept provides an array of solutions to companies such as managing the payroll system in a given company. It also helps in overseeing employee benefits and providing staffing solutions for its institutional customers.

Source: Brian Bonar Receives Professional Networking Community’s Highest Honor