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It is interesting the way that women obsess about their makeup. They also obsess about the colors that they wear. Women look for bold and imaginative colors like those in the Lime Crime products. Certainly, that is exactly why their Instagram account is blowing up. We are talking about two million active followers on Instagram. This new record was recently established by Lime Crime Cosmetics. Lime Crime was founded by Doe Deere. Lime Crime cosmetics is more than a makeup company. They are a company that focuses on empowering women to use their creativity with their wonderful line of makeup.

Pioneer Establishes New Recrod
The fact is that Doe Deere was one of the first women to establish such a successful makeup line primarily through eCommerce purchases. Her bold and vibrant colors quickly caught on with followers across the globe. Deere’s purpose is a bit different. She hopes to establish an engaging community via Instagram that inspires people to use their creativity. Clearly, the followers have taken the message to heart. They are actively posting their pictures wearing Lime Crime’s fabulous makeup line. The pictures are sure to inspire others to post their images and engage in active dialog about the product line and makeup in general. Lime Crime plans to regularly update their post on Instagram. Certainly, this is great news for their followers.

Doe Deere
Doe Deere is the pastel haired CEO of Lime Crime Cosmetics company. The company was established by Deere back in 2008. The Russian born CEO felt that there was a strong need for a line of cosmetics that were inspiring and allowed women to show their creativity. Her philosophy was that makeup should express your moods, never hide your real personality. Doe Deere started out small with big dreams. Certainly, she has far exceeded her dreams and established a very successful company. She states that women should never give up their dreams. Keep pursuing your dreams and goals. One day that dream will come true.

Doe Deere relates that her first business venture was with her own line of clothing. Later on, she established the cosmetic company, born out of her need for a more vibrant line of makeup that expressed her personality. Deere also relates that she might spend weeks or even months on researching new product lines. In addition, Deere likes to test the products personally. She only approves products that truly fit her makeup line. Thus, making sure that the customer will find the product a good match. Her successful line of products redefines makeup rules. Makeup is a way to express creativity. Makeup should never be used just to hide flaws or cover up. Lime Crime cosmetics motivates and inspires women.

Lime Crime CEO Doe Deere

Doe Deere is the CEO of one of the most talked about beauty companies online. The name of her beauty company is Lime Crime. Lime Crime is not your ordinary cosmetic conglomerate. Doe Deere is also a unique creature. The self appointed unicorn queen is followed by a wide variety of people online. She recently admitted in an interview that she likes breaking all the traditional beauty rules.

Beginner Guidelines
Doe Deere of Lime Crime fame believes that the traditional beauty rules are simply guidelines for the beginner. Every beginner needs to learn the basic rules. However, once you learn the rules, it is fun to experiment and discover your own style. Often, this requires that the creative person breaks the rules. The fact is that very creative and imaginative people always break the status quo. Breaking the rules leads to new discoveries. Well, her makeup line demonstrates that she is one that loves non-traditional colors and palettes. She invites other unicorn queens to step into Lime Crime’s world and try the dazzling, glittery cosmetic colors. Doe Deere believes that you can show your style with her makeup line and look fabulous.

Doe Deere’s Rule Breakers
Doe Deere has a list of cosmetic and fashion rules that she would like women to break. Her belief is that everyone should try breaking at least one beauty rule to jazz up their look. Her top rule breakers include:

  • Some believe that you should not wear a bold eye color with a bold lip color. Don’t be afraid to wear a bold eye with a bold lip color.
  • Forget about traditional advice about avoiding mixing too many colors together. Mix several for a fabulous look.
  • Fashion experts warn you not to mix patterns. Deere believes that patterns are beautiful. The more the better.
  • Some say that you should dress age appropriate. Doe Deere says dress the way you like.

Doe Deere
Doe Deere is the witty and beautiful founder of Lime Crime. She was born in Russia, but grew up in New York. Doe Deere would like to bring this message to the world. Makeup is more than just a tool to enhance your looks. It is a form of creativity.

Doe Deere is very excited about the developing trends in beauty and fashion. Today, more women are shopping online. E-commerce is really progressing. Lime Crime was one of the first makeup companies to strike gold on-line.

LimeCrime Shows How Fashion Is Changing With Pioneers Like Doe Deere


The LimeCrime founder Doe Deere has recently been seeking the best ways of embarking on a new era for the fashion industry, which sees the traditional rules and regulations of fashion being cast aside by people across the world. Deere has seen her own sense of style become a major source of inspiration for her social media followers who take inspiration from the way she does not follow the rules; instead, Doe Deere seeks to make sure she has the best opportunity to show off exactly what makes her happy in her own life.

LimeCrime’s Doe Deere has been at the forefront of the fashion industry for a number of years and has looked to develop a persona reflecting her own sense of style and skills. Deere has been seen as an innovator for the majority of her followers after styling herself as the Queen of the Unicorns, which reflects the sense of fairytale inspired style she has been developing for a number of years.

Strong, bold colors are well known as part of the life of Doe Deere and have taken up a major role in the life of her LimeCrime brand. LimeCrime is the personal baby of Deere, which remains under the control of Deere even though she spends a major part of her time still developing the cosmetics for the brand herself. Deere remains the CEO of the company and tends to focus her abilities of developing new products, and controlling the major marketing ideas of the company.

The rules of fashion tend to focus upon a single area of bold color or a single print of clothing being the major part of any fashion statements. Doe Deere does not spend her time focusing on these aspdects of the fashion industry, and instead looks to develop her own role within the industry reflecting her own sense of style. Bold patterns, different colored hair, and strong cosmetics designs are all teamed together to allow Deere to create individual clothing options to be enjoyed by the designer and her followers.

Lime Crime CEO Opens Up About Breaking Common Fashion Rules

Doe Deere, founder and CEO of Lime Crime, launched her cruelty-free cosmetics company in 2008. However, the Lime Crime brand had originally begun as a clothing store on eBay. Doe dear sewed and modeled the unique and colorful clothing line herself, often accompanying her creations with fun, non-traditional makeup styles. But, bright and highly pigmented colors were hard to get a hold of back in the early 2000’s, ultimately inspiring Doe Deere to take it upon herself to create the colors she craved.

The Lime Crime line features many products including Velvetines matte liquid lipsticks, Venus I and II eyeshadow pallets, and more recently, a shimmering bullet lipstick named Perlees for its beautiful pearly finish. When asked how a typical workday plays out in Doe Deere’s world, she explains that it starts by having a meeting with her Creative Director. They discuss current projects and business strategies. Doe Deere spends most of her days directing visuals and developing new products with the help of a chemist in her lab.

The self-proclaimed unicorn queen was recently featured on where she confessed all the fashion and beauty rules that she loves to break. As a creative individual, Doe Deere enjoys experimenting with different colors and patterns. While the rules that headline beauty and fashion magazines and websites can be useful guidelines for beginners, there are certain occasions when they can be broken.

Do Not Wear A Bold Eye With A Bold Lip

Doe Deere is constantly breaking this common beauty practice. It is often acknowledged that a smoky eye look should be pared with a subtle lip shade and vice versa. But when it comes to Deere’s unique style, boldness is fully embraced. Deere says, “To me, nothing looks better than Blue Milk eyeliner with a Red Velvet lip! I also love pairing the rusty-reds of the Venus eyeshadow palette with Cry Baby, a vibrant blue lipstick.”

You Must Dress Your Age

Deere exclaims, “True style knows no age! Just because you turned 30 doesn’t mean you need to ditch your fun stuff and replace it with a more conservative wardrobe.” Wise words from a true fashionista. When it comes to clothing, everyone should be able to wear what makes them happy without judgment or fear of being ridiculed. As Doe Deere herself puts it, “Do you, at any age!”

Do Not Mix Many Colors

If you follow Deere on Instagram (which you definitely should), then you already saw this one coming. From head to toe, she unapologetically coordinates loud colors that make a bold statement. “My favorite combos are pink and green, peach and periwinkle, hot pink and lavender,” Deere explains. Pushing the boundary even further, Doe Deere also loves pairing patterns such as plaid and floral, creating fun and unique pairings.

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