Robert Santiago’s All Round Successes In Brazil

Robert Santiago is a glorified business entrepreneur in Brazil with properties ranging in type from real estate to community projects. His most famous assets include an array of shopping malls, the most famous being the modern Manaira Shopping Center. His business savviness grew from his childhood experiences of volunteering and later working for the family enterprise. Robert was born to Carmen Gomes and Jose Santiago. With the skill sets acquired from his innate business passions, Robert started a cartonnage firm that supplied firms and individuals with high-quality cartons upon request.


Roberto Santiago is an alumnus of Center for Joao Pessoa University where he earned a bachelor in business. He also has an undergraduate degree from Pio X-Marist College, which he attended before joining Joao Pessoa. Robert realized his passion in construction before middle age and soon purchased a large portion of land in Joao Pessoa, his native town, which he used to erect world class structures.


One of the buildings at the land in Joao Pessoa is the Manaira building which opened in 1989 after two years of development. The mall has 280 stores and covers 75,000 square meters. Manaira is the region’s go-to place for a wide range of interests such as shopping, entertainment, and education. The center’s entertainment facilities are mostly frequented by the students of Higher Education of Paraiba, whose classes take place within the building. Manaira has urban theaters, gaming rooms, an electronic bowling room, banks, gyms, restaurants, and shops. The mall’s restaurants cater to the needs of everyone at every time due to their variation in class from high-end eateries to fast foods. Manaira’s most iconic feature if the rooftop space which houses local performing artists. Robert Santiago’s main agenda for setting up the space was to give back to society by giving locals a platform to showcase their talents and visitors to appreciate the culture.


Apart from business, Robert is an administrative leader in the Brazilian federal body. He is an official in Sao Paulo and previously worked for the welfare of workers in the Brazil general committee. His work in the position earned him recognition from the people and the government, who noted his commitment in putting forth the needs of Brazilians. Robert was at the forefront of creating and changing laws and policies that determine the minimum wage of the nation and the general state of employment. He played a key role in the growth of Minha Casa which would see the opening of cities with manageable populations of approximately 200,000 in a count. Robert’s public work is greatly honored and has earned him several accolades such as one from the country’s superior labor court. He is a recipient of the Member of the year award from Congress in Focus Website, the Commemorative Prize from Consolidation of Labor Laws and an award from Cebrasse Sector. For seven continuous years, Robert Santiago received honors from Diap, naming him a vital political figure in the nation. Currently, he serves on the council board of Chamber of Duties and Labor Administration.