Achieve a Beautifully Even Skin Tone

Makari is a luxurious brand of skin health and skin beauty products made specifically for dark toned men and women. Manufactured in Switzerland, using natural ingredients that have undergone rigorous testing and application, Makari is a leader in natural beauty products. Their face and body creams target and reduce dark spots, stretch marks, and acne scars so that you can achieve a youthful even skin tone, even after years with such conditions.

Makari makes sure that none of its 70+ skin and beauty products contain the controversial Hydroquinone which has been linked to harmful side effects and used in many other brands. They take pride that their product lines for skin, make-up, and even baby, include natural ingredients that make you glow.The Caviar Face Cream line improves moisture and balances skin tone, it can be used as a corrective measure against spots and discoloration, and it leaves you with bright healthy skin. It is just one of several products that utilizes nutrient-packed Caviar to help restore the balance of your skin.

Makari has a number of products that are specifically dermatologist tested to brighten and lighten the skin, including an exclusive skin lightening exfoliating soap that is enriched with Organiclarine. This is a non-medicated substance added to lotions and creams that gently lightens the skin without the use of expensive beauty treatments like laser and chemical peels. It can effectively help your discoloration over time with consistent use, and is just one of many of their product lines meant to be part of a daily routine.

If you are a person of dark tones, and have tried other brands with little success, Makari may be just right for you. The beauty industry has had a history of tailoring to the fair, and often is not effective with darker tones. All of Makari’s products are tailored for people of color, which makes them a unique brand, and a specialist in their field. Makari doesn’t stop at just Skin care, they also have hair, cosmetic, and fragrance products of the same high quality, as well as packages and kits for mother’s, babies, and brides. Check them out and see what they have to offer.

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