Highland Capital Management Lowers Ownership Stake in Stocks

Recently the finance company Highland Capital Management began lowering the ownership stake in its stock holdings of AthenaHealth. According to the SEC, the firm has lowered its shares in the company by 83% which is a huge decrease. This has been done because AthenaHealth has experienced a significant reduction in its stock value. In fact the value of its stock has decreased by 12% and this has led to a lot of losses for Highland Capital Management. Therefore, the firm has decided to minimize its ownership shares in order to keep its losses to a minimum. Highland Capital once owned 95,000 shares but it now only owns 16,000 after selling off most of the shares it owned.

While the stock market has prospered and companies have seen a sharp increase in stock values, AthenaHealth has had their stock value go in steep decline recently. As a result of this stock value decline, Highland Capital Management has decided to invest in other companies and has bought stocks of other companies recently. Highland Capital still owns stock of AthenaHealth but plans to keep this to a minimum until the company sees an improvement in its overall value. This move was also made in order for Highland Capital to maximize its profits and the performance of its investment portfolio.

Like every other firm, Highland Capital Management is operated by its President James Dondero. He is also the founder of the firm as he started it up back in 1993. For over two decades, Dondero has built this firm into a leading hedge fund and credit management firm. James has over three decades of experience in the finance industry and uses this to his advantage. With his knowledge and expertise he is able to help clients reach their goals as well as keep the firm successful and going in the right direction on a regular basis.

James Dondero is well versed in finance as he holds degrees in both accounting and finance. After he was done attending college he began his career as a credit investor where he managed $1 billion in assets for American Express. As a result he was able to establish his career early on and use this experience to advance his career. He would go on to hold other higher positions before starting up his own firm. As well as running a financial securities firm, James participates in philanthropy in which he makes contributions to causes such as public policy, veterans affairs and also education.

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