Keith Mann Unveil a Program to Recognize the Next Generation of Innovative Business Leaders

The founder of Dynamics Search Partners, Keith Mann unveiled an award designated the Keith and Keely Mann for Professional Achievement, to acknowledge the upcoming generation of contemporary business leaders earlier this year. Keith dedicated this program to a non-governmental organization; Uncommon Schools, headquartered in New York. The scholarship opportunity was meant to offer sponsorship to one graduating students from Uncommon Charter School in Brooklyn each year.

According to a counselor of Uncommon Charter School, the school was very much obliged to both Kelly and Keith for implementing such a kind program that would provide scholarship to their school. The school intended to use the scholarship as a way of guaranteeing their students a four-year college.

The program application required every student to compose a 1000 words essay, explaining how earning a slot in a college would assist them achieve their professional and life goals. Being an advocate for education and human rights, Keith is committed to modeling new leaders of tomorrow and believed that if he paired them with innovative companies existing today, he would definitely cultivate their success. Keith explained that the sponsorship was to function in fulfilling the objective of preparing unprivileged-income earning students to only attend and graduate from a college, but also proceed to successfully make use of their degree.

This program was to target students of Uncommon Charter School in New York. The application procedures destined run up to the second quarter of this year and the winner would receive $5,000 worth of scholarship to be used to pay their college tuition.

About Keith Mann

Keith Mann is a British animal rights philanthropist and writer. He has spent his much time of his career in the search industry, despite being a pro in the sector of hedge fund compensation. He established Dynamics Executive Search in 2002 after realizing that the hedge fund industry was underserved by the search sector. Dynamic Executive Search became an alternative search firm to investment firms. Currently, Keith is the CEO of the company and oversees all the management activities of the firm.